Sep 21, 2020

2 min read

Choosing Saliva Ejectors

Saliva Ejectors are used for removing saliva, blood, and other waste material from a patient’s mouth through a low volume suction. The most standard saliva ejector is a plastic tube with a tip (see image). Another saliva ejector design is the coiled format. This style is shaped like a coil with many small holes for removal of waste (see image)

Standard vs. Coiled Saliva Ejectors

What Makes a Good Saliva Ejector?

Ultimately it’s about the safety and comfort of your patient. Here are the guidelines for deciding.

Does it have a non-removable secured tip? The last thing you want is the tip of the saliva ejector to become lose while you’re operating on a patient.

Does it have smooth, round edges? When you have a flat non-smooth tip, it can irritate your patient’s tissues

How strong is the bendable wire? The wire is critical for holding the shape of the saliva ejector and making sure that it doesn’t protrude after you angle it.

Is the tube made up of non-toxic PVC? You know why toxic is bad.

Is the saliva ejector shaped to fit your equipment without falling? Too many saliva ejectors are designed too small and after a few movements fall of your suction device

Saliva Ejector Risks to Be Aware of

Backflow of fluids when:

  • The patient closes their mouth
  • A suction tube placed above the patient’s mouth
  • Saliva ejector is used at the same time as high volume equipment