Choosing Prophy Angle

Disposable Prophy angles are a single-used product used for applying the paste to a patient’s teeth. They have rotating cups that help remove stains. There are numerous angles and shapes to choose from depending on your preferences.

Prophy Angles

Various Types of Cups and Angles


Contra — 105º angle

Straight — 90º angle

Cup Design


What Makes a Good Prophy Angle?

Ultimately it’s about the safety of your patient, and how comfortable it is for you to use. Here is a guideline for choosing:

How much does it splatter? This does depend on the shape of the cup, but regardless of the shape, it’s critical to use a splatter reducing angle. You don’t want to make it rain on your patient.

Does the design allow the prophy paste to enter the handpiece, ultimately damaging the machine? That’s just terrible. More paste inside your handpiece than engineering

Does it overheat? Oh man… Don’t let it burn

Does it have an exterior ridge? This is very useful for in-between adjoining teeth.

Is it vibrate-free? Your patients and you shouldn’t feel like there is an earthquake every time you are doing their cleaning.

How slim is the neck? The thinner the neck of the angle, the more visibility for you

How well does it fit your hand? You do not want to add excessive holding and stress while operating

Does it have a good grip? Same as above, it’s best if you save your fingers from pain



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