Choosing Micro-Applicator

Micro-applicators are used for applying the material in difficult to access areas of the mouth. Given the size and design of the micro-applicator, it’s very useful for controlling the amount of material applied. There are typically 4 different sizes of micro-applicators; from super-fine to regular.

What Makes a Good Micro-Applicator?

Ultimately it’s about the comfort your patient and the simplicity of use for you. Here are the guidelines for deciding:

Does the handle have ribbed gripping? This helps with your handle and makes sure nothing slips.

Does the tip bend? This is important for reaching difficult locations in the mouth

How soft is the fiber? The last thing you want is some harsh fibers that poke your patient’s mouth

Is the tip non-absorbing? The point of micro-applicators is to apply material; I’m sure you don’t want this to absorb all the material



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