Choosing Air Water Syringe Tips

Air-water syringes are a device that narrowly streams air, water, or both to cleanse a tooth during treatment. The tip has an inner core that helps prevent the cross-contamination of air and water, and is used as an extension of the air-water syringe.

Reusable or Disposable

Metal Reusable A/W tips

Reusable tips are metal syringes that require sterilization between each patient. There have been studies regarding the lack of efficiency in standard sterilization processes. The lack of tolerance to heat and the difficulty of cleaning make this product not the best for sterilization purposes.

Disposable Tips could be metal, plastic, or newer materials that are in development. The benefit of these is that you could use it once and throw it out. There is no need to pay attention to sterilization and ensure that your patient won’t get contaminated. The downside is that you constantly have to purchase more.

Sooo…. Which one should I use?

It’s recommended that dental practices use disposable air-water syringe tips to ensure the safety of their patience and the cleanliness of their equipment.


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